The Wildcat Booster Club has several advertising opportunities and solutions for every budget.

Static Scoreboard Advertising

The Booster Club runs the static advertising on the two scoreboards on the north and south walls inside the gym. Business advertising is available from $250 per year. Contact us if you’d like to reserve your spot.

Digital Scoring Table

The Wildcat Boosters own a state of the art scoring table with huge 10 foot wide digital display. During sporting events, this display faces anywhere from 100 to 700 spectators comprised of students, parents and community members. It can display static (still text and images) or dynamic (moving text, images or videos) to the crowd.

Menu Board Ads

Wildcat Stadium and Gym concession menus have been upgraded and now allow for digital advertising while showing all of the wonderful options available by the booster concession stands.

Solutions for students/parents

  • 10 second message – $10
    • Such as “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations” cycled during game
  • Pre-game or Halftime 30 second Message/Proposal – $25
    • Such as an invite/proposal to HOCO or special congratulations

Solutions for businesses

  • 10 second advertising slide or video
    • Cycled through 1 game – $50
    • Cycled through all games for 1 sport (e.g. all Basketball games) – $100 (Scoring table only)
    • Best value – Cycled through all screens, all games, all sports – $200/year (Scoring Table and Three Menu Boards)

Advertising Specifications

  • South Scoreboard Advertising is 30″x45″
  • North Scoreboard Advertising is 24″x42″
  • Static LED table slides are 1152 x 256 pixels in pptx, .jpg or .png format
  • Dynamic LED table videos are 1152 x 256 pixels in .mp4 format
  • Menu board advertising spot is 768 x 456 pixels in .jpg, .png, or .mp4 format

To discuss these options or to get started, contact us today by email at